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A river trip in Nepal is a wonderful way to explore and experience Nepal’s natural and enthno-cultural heritage.
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Elephant rides are the best way to explore the jungle and search for wildlife.
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tibetan peopleTibet is the most hidden and beautiful place in the world. It is situated above 4000m and is surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides. The awe-inspiring Himalayas, Buddhist monks, lamas and nomads are spectacular features of the high and dry Tibetan plateau. This is the perfect destination for rugged adventures and the spiritual wanderers. After centuries of complete isolation Tibet is now opening up to the Western world. A visit to Tibet is a wonderful and lifetime experience for travelers.

The atmosphere is severely dry nine months of the year, and average snowfall is only 18 inches, due to the rain shadow effect whereby mountain ranges prevent moisture from the ocean from reaching the plateaus. Western passes receive small amounts of fresh snow each year but remain traversable all year round. Low temperatures are prevalent throughout these western regions, where bleak desolation is unrelieved by any vegetation beyond the size of low bushes, and where wind sweeps unchecked across vast expanses of arid plain. The Indian monsoon exerts some influence on eastern Tibet. Northern Tibet is subject to high

Most importantly, all travellers travelling in Tibet are kindly requested to bear in mind that Tibet, being extremely remote and isolated by the most formidable Himalayan ranges, remains still one of the most captivating but least developed parts of the world. With its very short history of tourism (approximately only 8 years) the facilities for tourists, although being upgraded, are still basic and limited. Therefore, visitors are requested not to have high expectations in terms of facilities in Tibet. However, we will put every effort into making your journey as pleasant as possible.

The road between Tibet and Nepal is of poor standard. It is rough, bumpy and full of bends. Particularly during monsoon season (June-August) it can be temporarily obstructed by landslides and erosion, so appropriate clothes and good shoes are much advised to allow travellers to walk over the landslides (especially in the Nepali section).

potala durbarOvercoming Altitude Problems
Travelling in Tibet is an adventure involving high altitude and can be strenuous. Most visitors have only minor effects from the altitude, however, we advise (especially guests with known heart, lung or blood disorders) to consult their doctor before travelling. Mild headache, fever, loss of appetite or stomach disorders can take place before acclimatization.

Our Drive
We advise travellers to drink 4 litres of water (minimum) per day, not to exhaust themselves too much, to breathe slowly and deeply and take more rests than usual.

Booking and Visa
A firm booking with full payment, along with passport details (incl. full name, date and place of birth, passport no., date of issue and expiry) and details of your profession, gender, home address, telephone no. etc, is required to reach us a minimum of 2 weeks in advance (when booking outside Kathmandu. One week in advance when booking from within Kathmandu). We can arrange a China/Tibet visa at a cost of USD 30.00 per person. For visa procedure, 5 full working days are required with a condition that clients should be available in Kathmandu, otherwise an 'urgent charge' is required.

50% of the tour cost will be charged as cancellation fee if cancelling within 7 days prior to the start of the tour (for bookings from outside Kathmandu. USD 100.00 will be charged for bookings from within Kathmandu). No refund will be available for no-shows or delayed arrivals for any reason.

map of tibetRisk and Liability
We put every effort into making your journey smooth and pleaseant, however, all Tibet tours are run strictly under Tibet Tourism Authority. We or our agents shall not be responsible for any change or cancellation of programmes due to any unavoidable circumstances such as road blockade, flood, snow, political unrest, cancellation of flights, delayed arrivals, sickness or accidents. Any resulting additional cost must be borne by clients. Therefore, we advise clients to have full insurance against medical and personal accidents etc. Cancellation insurance is also advised from your home country.

» Central Tibet-3 nights / 4 Days
» Central Tibet-4 nights / 5 days
» Trans Himalay - 7 nights / 8 days
» Tibet Evetest Base Camp - 9 nights / 10 days
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