Best Places to Visit in Nepal with Family

Are you interested in traveling? Do you want to spend a good holiday with your family? If yes then give me a high five. Nepal is a country that is rich in its tourist destinations. It is the only country in the world which has eight mountains which are above 8000m above sea level. It is also rich in different festivals and cultures which are celebrated by different communities in Nepal.

The first and foremost thing that it attracts tourism is it is rich in culture and the snow-capped mountains. Mount Everest which is the highest mountain in the world is situated in Nepal. As visit Nepal 2020 is coming Here are some best and awesome places that you will be interested to spend some good time with your family during the holidays. 


Pokhara is a beautiful valley surrounded by hills and mountains which is located at a height of 730-1030 meters above sea level. The topographical and geographical condition of this place is awesome and is also rich with a good source of tourist destinations. This is the main reason why Pokhara is the best and most important valley in Nepal.

Some of the tourist destinations situated in Pokhara are Fewa lake, Talbarahi temple, Aarati at dusk beside the Fewa lake, Davis falls, Gupteshwor Mahadev, peace pagoda, Chamero cave, Mahendra cave, Seti George, paragliding, Begnas lake and many more.

Kathmandu Valley

There are loads of places you need to visit this valley so I will be including those places here below.

Kathmandu Durbar Square

Kathmandu durbar square is situated at the heart of Kathmandu valley. It is the oldest place in Kathmandu valley where it has witnessed many festivals, Jatras, historical changes in Nepal. 

Bhaktapur Durbar square

Bhaktapur durbar square is situated at Bhaktapur which is around 20km east from Kathmandu. It is also one of the oldest places in Kathmandu valleys which were ruled by Malla kings. It has also witnessed many festivals and Jatras in Nepal.

Patan durbar square

Patan durbar square is situated at Lalitpur which is around 10km east from Kathmandu. It is also one of the oldest places in Kathmandu valleys which were ruled by Malla kings. It has also witnessed many festivals and Jatras in Nepal. 


Pashupatinath temple is very famous for Hindu people all around the world. This temple lies on the bank of the Bagmati river. There are more than 400 temples with their respective statues of different gods that are worshipped by Hindu people. It is enlisted in the world heritage site too.


Boudhanath is the biggest stupa in the whole of Nepal. According to Nepal Bhasa which is also known as Newari language, it is called Khasti. It was built in the 5th century. There are many Buddhists communities residing in this area. There are different monasteries around these surroundings. It is also enlisted in the world heritage site by UNESCO.


Swayambhunath, a Buddhist temple is located at a place called Swayambhu itself. It lies at a hill in Kathmandu valley where you can view a good scenery of Kathmandu valley. Here you need to climb around 365 stairs to reach the top of Swayambhu. There is also another side of the temple where you can visit it to the top without any difficulty. It is the most visitable places in Kathmandu valley. Many monkeys can be found in its surroundings. It is also listed in the world heritage site by UNESCO.


Located at the kavre district it is approximately 30km from Kathmandu valley. Most of the people living in this place are from Newar community as it is one of the oldest Newari towns in Kathmandu valley. It links the road from Kathmandu to Tibet which is the source of trade between the two countries. It is known as one of the finest picnic spot where thousands of people visit to enjoy and spend a fun time with their family.

Mount Everest Base camp

Everest base camp is located at the Khumbu region in Nepal. It can be reached via two directions one is from Tibet and one is from Nepal but the direction from Nepal is much easier so that many mountain climbers around the world choose this route. In order to reach Everest base camp you need to start from Namche bazaar and you can visit there on 4-5 days. It is located at a height of 5100m. You can visit Gokyo lakes from there too which is vaery famous as the Gokyo lake trek.

Annapurna base camp

Annapurna base camp trek is the most voted as the best trek in Nepal. It lies at the height above 4000meters. It is one of the best Tourists destinations in Nepal. Thousands of tourists visit this place every year. Many breathtaking views of Himalayans can be seen from this place like Annapurna Machhapuchre Dhaulagiri, etc. other tourist places can also be experienced along the way like Ghorepani, poon hill, Ghandruk, etc.

Tilicho base camp.

Tilicho base camp is the one of the most adventurous treks in the whole Nepal. It lies in the Manang district which is known as district beyond the Himalayas. The blue lake that is Tlicho lake which is the highest altitude lake is situated in this place. It is the main center of attraction of this place. It takes 8-10 days of total duration for the completion of this adventurous trek. 

Chitwan national park.

It is one of the best tourist destinations in Nepal. It is located in the central region of Nepal which is around 200km away from Kathmandu valley. It is reached in many flora and fauna and the local environment of the endangered species. The specialty of this Chitwan national park is a one-horned rhino. Many animals like elephants, crocodiles, tigers, peacocks, rhinos, etc can be found in this national park. It is most visited by tourists during the winter season. Other than that Sauraha is also one of the famous tourist destinations in Chitwan.


Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Gautam buddha. It is located at Kapil Vastu district which is around 400km southwest from Kathmandu valley. It is one of the most historical places of Nepal. There is a pillar name Ashoka temple which was built in 245BC. 

Other attractions of this place are Maya Devi temple, museums, etc are located in this place. There are different monasteries built by different countries like China, Germany, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, etc. it is listed as the world heritage site by UNESCO.


Known as the tea garden of Nepal, Illam is located at the Mechi zone which is approximately 550km away from Kathmandu valley. There are many places in Illam like Pathivara temple, Kanyam, tea garden, Fikkal, Shree Antu Hill, Illam bazar, etc. known for its own natural beauties. The first sunrise of Nepal can be the view of this place. It is also famous for churpis. Which is a dairy product made from yak’s milk.

Rara lake

Rara lake is the biggest lake in Nepal. It is one of the freshwater lakes in Nepal. It is located in the Mugu district. It lies at an altitude of 2990m above sea level. The main occupation of people living in this area is agriculture. There is another village that lies in the northern part of Rara lake known as Marma. It is surrounded by Rara national park and also enlisted in the world heritage site.

Shey Phoksundo lake

Shey Phoksundo lake is situated in the Dolpa region of Nepal. It lies in the far western side of Nepal. Mostly Sherpa communities with Tibetan accents are found around this place. This place is famous for trekking too. The blue water of this Shey Phoksundo lake is breathtaking. 

Some frequently asked questions.

Which is the budget-friendly place to visit in Nepal with family?

Depending upon your holiday. There are many places in Nepal that can be completed in a single day. And there are some places which can be completed with a maximum of 10-15 days. 

Are the lodges cheap in Nepal?

There are many hotels in Nepal which are ranging from the cheap to the expensive one. Hotels which are branded with oyo are the best hotels with good quality service at affordable price.

How many mountains are there in Nepal?

There are more than 1300 mountains/peaks which are above 6000m above sea level.

What is the best season to spend the holiday in Nepal?

Apart from the monsoon season, every season is the best season to travel in Nepal.


There are many places which are not included in the above list. Places like palpi, Dhankuta, Devghat, Tanjung, Bandipur, etc. are also some of the tourist destinations in Nepal. In order to visit some of these places, you need to contact one of the good travel and tour companies which can help you visit those places with minimum cost. 

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