Camping Vs. Tea House Trekking in Nepal


  • What are the differences between Camping and Tea House Trekking in Nepal?

Trekking in Nepal has different types of experiences. If you are familiar with trekking there are various types of accommodations during trekking in Nepal. In Nepal, most higher altitude trekking’s accommodations are done in Tea Houses. These are the best options available there. These Tea Houses are a small restaurant with the availability of various items for foods along with rooms for accommodation. 

Tea House accommodation in the higher region is best during the trek whereas there are some trekking routes which are rare or isolated treks that have no options for Tea House accommodations. You can find some places to eat or you have to carry your food equipment with you. Such types of trekking is more exciting and comes with much thrill. In such trekking, you can get experience of Camping. Such trekkings are done with enough camping equipment and people capable of setting camp and preparing their foods.

Camping trekking in Nepal is a different type of experience which you will never experience in the world. This trekking experience takes you through huge dense forest on one day whereas take you to the lap of Himalayas on the next day. You can literally set up your camp at most extreme locations on the planet.

Mostly we’ve divided the Camping Vs. Tea House Trekking into two types of categories, one is the Isolated Trekking while others are the normal treks which are on choice of most of the people. Besides that, you can still camp on the normal treks in Nepal.

Comparing on the Tea House Trekking vs. the Camping Trekking in Nepal, here are few differences that we’ve listed down.

  • Thrill: Camping Trekking has more thrill than compared to the tea house trekking in Nepal. While on a Tea House Trekking things are more calm and predicted as everything is preplanned.
  • Less Planned trip: In a teahouse trekking you should have to walk till your destinations while doing a camping trekking, if you like a location and want to spend some time there, all you have to do is set up your camp in the Location.
  • Lower Cost: During camping treks, you don’t have to spend your money for lodging every single day if you own a tent, therefore it can cost you low.

In Nepal mostly trekked regions are the Everest Region, Annapurna Region and the Langtang Region where there are numerous of Lodges or the Tea Houses that accommodates clients but if you are traveling to the treks around Manaslu Region, Dolpo Region, Khaptad Region, Kanchanjunga Region. Etc, It is highly recommended that you carry camping equipment with you as it is possible you don’t get accommodations as your choice.

According to the clients’ experience, we have categorized some of the treks as highly recommended camping treks in Nepal.

  • Dolpo Region Camping Trek

Dolpo Region trek is one of the isolated trekking experience in Nepal. Trekking in this region, people mostly prefer camping as this area is less densely populated and considered safe for Camping. Though it is highly recommended that you camp near a village in case of any Misfortune.

Dolpa district lies in the northwest region of Nepal around the area of the western part of the Annapurna Conservation area including the most beautiful Shey Phoksundo National Park region. It is mostly famous for its unique mountainous terrain which makes it difficult to connect with the roadways it is still isolated because of its topography. This region is one of the least populated regions in the country.

  • Nar Phu Valley Trekking

Nar Phu valley trek is considered as one of the isolated trekking region in the Annapurna Region. This is a trek to two remote villages Nar and Phu. This region trekking is also preferred by the tourists as this village is remotely placed and with great views that a tea house accommodations might miss you to see.

Nar Phu Valley was opened to tourists only after 2003, by the government of Nepal which makes this trek more isolated and the less flow of the tourists makes this place suitable for Camping Trek in Nepal.

  • Everest Region Trekking

Everest Region Trekking are the trekking routes that are popular around the globe. These trekking are done bu the people doing some camping accommodations and also preferred by the people. This region is pretty popular with camping treks as many trekkers do so. Marvel Treks helps many clients for camping trekking in this region each season. Though enough tea houses are available here, camping has different experience that comes with thrills and memories.

Final Verdict.

Trekking is already an adventure, yet want to spice it up and add some more thrill to your adventure? Go for Camping Trekking and contact us for further details and customization of treks in Nepal

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