Is it safe to travel Nepal solo?

In general, Travelling to Nepal solo or on your own is considered safe, Nepal is a safe place to travel. Most of the tourists traveling to the south Asian countries consider Nepal to be much safer than considered to other countries. Nepal as a whole is also a safe country. 

If you are not finding anyone to travel with you to Nepal, you can absolutely do it on your own. All you have to do is just pack your bags and get your air ticket, you can get your on arrival visa through the immigration department in Nepal only.

Nepal is a peaceful country with no threats of terrorism or any group of people causing violence or threats. Besides that being a landlocked country there is no threat of any sudden Natural Calamities besides the earthquake which is also very rare. However, some of the factors should be taken care of during your travel. 

We’ve listed out some of the factors that you need to take care during your travel in case you are traveling alone.

  • If you are traveling towards mountains or trekking, make sure your insurance covers all the expenses of mountain rescue which is generally a helicopter rescue which might be expensive in case of any misfortune. In case of any misfortune like you have an accident like a bone fracture or altitude sickness or if you fall sick at some remote places. It would be difficult to walk back. In case of some medical emergencies like the altitude sickness, it is better to get to the hospital as soon as possible. Therefore at that time, you can be able to claim your insurance which can be your life savior. We would like to recommend you to do your insurance at some of the renowned or trusted insurance companies that will not create problems in times of need.
  • Don’t show bundles of cash or show you are wealthy, though it is safe in Nepal don’t get into trouble if incase someone puts an eye on your wealth, so better to be safe and not show cash everywhere. As such things can attract people and grab your attention which none of us want, so it is better to stay under low profile and better use your cards as much as possible rather than carrying bundles of cash. Also, you can make maximum payments for your trips from your country only or make payments at Kathmandu safely. So it is highly recommended not to carry cash with you.
  • Prefer safe hotels with good reviews rather than cheap and untrusty hotels. Tourists might end up in some untrusted places and some hotels with bad intentions. Rather you can find good hotels with budget prices and in areas where tourists flow is much more. We don’t recommend you to stay in areas with less number of tourists and people.
  • Make sure you have all the details and emergency numbers in Nepal. Some emergency numbers that you might need are listed below as well. Though you might never need this stuff throughout your stay, we highly recommend you to have these numbers and techniques with you. Make sure that you are always ready to get help if needed at any time.
  • Get your local SIM card and know the details of the area you are staying and traveling. Always make sure you have a working SIM card so that you can get connected with your friends and family. We also recommend you to get connected with your Embassy throughout your stay for any further help required.

Some of the Emergency Numbers required by Tourists in Nepal are listed below:

  • Bhrikutimandap Tourist Police: +977-1-4247041
  • Thamel Tourist Police: +977-1-4700750
  • Basantapur Tourist Police: +977-1-4268969
  • Pokhara Tourist Police: +977-61-521087
  • Metropolitan Police Department Ranipokhari: 100,120,130
  • Tourism Crisis Unit:+977-97510-44088
  • Nepal Tourism Board, Bhrikutimandapl:+977-1-4256909
  • Nepal Tourism Board, Pokhara: +977-61-463029
  • Department of immigration: +977-1-4433934
  • Himalayan Rescue Association:+977-1-4440292

If you are trekking, always carry your TIMS card with you also don’t leave and forget your important documents like passports and identity documents while traveling in Nepal. 

Furthermore, we recommend you to be careful all the time, though it is absolutely safe here but it is always good to stay aware. For further information regarding the safety ness in specific area and trip. Feel free to write us back, we are more than happy to help you with the information we have.

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