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Shivaratri Vibes in Nepal

Shivaratri Vibes in Nepal

Shivaratri Vibes in Nepal

Shivaratri Vibes in Nepal

Shivaratri Vibes in Nepal 1Shivaratri Vibes in Nepal Experience the unique festive vibes around the Pashupatinath Temple area on the Maha Shivaratri 14th day of the dark fortnight of the Māgha month, as per the Hindu lunar calendar. One can observe the distinct environment around the temple premises as Hindus from all over the world visit the temple of Lord Pashupatinath on the day of Maha Shivaratri and get engaged in Puja and other ritual devoted to Lord Shiva. Apart from Puja and Darshan, other attractions for visitors to the temple vicinity at the time will be the colorful crowd including gorgeous Sadhu Babas from different parts of Nepal and India. With the buzz of Shivaratri ahead of us, so will be the excitement among the school children who would have a public holiday on that day. In this day people smoke Marijuana and Hashish as a prasad of Lord Shiva.

People saying about Marijuana and Hashish

Shivaratri Vibes in Nepal 2

What’s best thing to do?

U just gotta lie down. Forget the stress of the day and put on some good music. Nice game. If its shiva ratri
If its indicia u gotta do something. Play some pubg or cs shit. Or got out. Put your  shades on.
If its hashis then just lie down. Put on some music.
Thats what i am gonna do.

Sarad Aryal




Any hashish lover?Shivaratri Vibes in Nepal 3

Savvy!!!! Hasish > Nepalese Weed (Personal Opinion) … Temple Balls are balls man. really dope hashis. And Normally hamile khane hashis (I wont say the place name, but feel free to inbox) is very costly and is used by Ranas and Rajas (Dealer le bhanxa hamilai. hahaha) .. Anyways, I am starting to like this page. Keep up the good posts man/woman. C u around

Kishor Bhatta


Shivaratri Vibes in Nepal 4


Do you think smoking in nepal himalaya  was worth it?

Sublime place. yeah but with a kickass weed or hashis. natra U wont get what u expect.. Hey, but Drop LSD or Shroom in this place, the feeling cannot be matched with any drugs..

Pemba Sherpa



Please Read To Support MarijuanaShivaratri Vibes in Nepal 5

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Your help and effort will be highly appreciated by Us in this page!
Thanks for helping

Sanjib Simkhada

Pro tip: Carry some changes of Rs. 5 or Rs. 10 on the day of Shivaratri as these kids will mischievously block the route while you are traveling on a vehicle.

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