Top 5 Off the beaten Trekking in Nepal

Along with the flow of numbers of tourists in Nepal and its exposure to more number of people. Tourists frequently visit to Nepal. Several reports and studies show that tourists are more likely to visit again and again once they visit Nepal i.e. Nepal has so much to offer that one visit is never enough. Therefore, frequent tourists explore and wants some newer destination every time.

This has been very nicely coped up by the government of Nepal and organizations like TAAN(Trekking Agencies Associations of Nepal) by exploring and publishing newer trekking and travel destinations each year. A lot of destinations have been recently declared targeting the tourists that are going to visit Nepal in the Visit Nepal Year 2020.

The hard work and promotions from many sectors have shown that the number of tourists visiting in that year is going to be numerous. For which each sector are already prepared. Resulting this wilderness Marvel Treks has categorized destinations as the top 5 isolated trekking in Nepal.

Top 5 isolated trekking destinations in Nepal are:

  • Rolwaling Valley Trekking
  • Luxury Dolpo Trek
  • Tsum Valley Trek
  • Nar Phu Valley Trek
  • Unusual Ganesh Himal Ruby Valley Trek

Rolwaling Valley Trekking

Rolwaling valley trekking is usually a 19 days long trek taking us from Charikot of Dolakha District to Namche bazar at Solukhumbu District. It is one of the amazing adventure alongside the high mountain valley of the Khumbu Region. This trek incorporates us with an amazing view of the Langtang Region and Everest Region mountains.
The amazing view of the Mt. Everest is the major highlight of the Rolwaling Trek. Though this trek is in choice is on the list of maximum numbers of tourists only a few one can complete this trek every year because of the fact that this trek covers Nepal and China and tourists need a Chinese visa during this trek. Along the way, the majestic view of sunrise and sunsets glowing the mountains are always breathing taking.
Another major attraction of this trek is the view of the Gauri Shankar Himal which is the reference point of the timezone in Nepal. The latitude of Gauri Shanker Himal is taken such that it is +5.45 from the GMT. also the ice lake, TshoRolpa lake is one of the major attractions, it is an ice lake at the lap of Mt.GauriShanker. Trip till this lake is also an isolated trek.
This region provides way to the Khumbu Region which lets trekkers extend their trek towards the Everest region which includes the Gokyo area trek or trek till the EBC.

Luxury Dolpo Trek

Luxury Dolpo Trek is a trekking experience in the Mid-Western Nepal. It is mainly at the Dolpa District of the country. This region is the least populated area of the country. Dolpa District is the biggest district of Nepal with an area of 7889 sq. Km. This trekking is not as used to as the other trekking regions in Nepal still this trek has the real and inner beauty of Nepal hidden, cause this trek lets you interact and feel the Nepali Culture and life of people living in Himalayan Region of Nepal Though the lively hood is a mixture of Tibetan- and Nepali style yet it is the beauty that ruler Himalayan mountains has to offer. Dolpo region is also regarded as the remote trekking regions that can be done during the off-season i.e. Monsoon Seasons. The most attraction of this trek is the unique flora and fauna, vegetation of this region. The view of the mountain region like the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna region on the eastern part of this trekking adds more beauty to your eyes. Furthermore, the Phoksundo lake adds up with the beauty around this region. Phoksundo Lake is one of the most beautiful places that you will ever visit. The amazing bluish watercolor in the lake seems heavenly.

Tsum Valley Trek

Tsum Valley Trek is the 19 Days trekking in Nepal which is also known as the hidden valley trek in Nepal. This region is mostly inhabited with the Tibetan people and has a lot of Monastries. Tsum valley is located at the central part of the country at the Gorkha District. This trek treks with magnificent view and alongside mountains like Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal, and Boudha Himal.
During the trek, you mostly encounter and experience high woodlands, cold streams and welcome of the warm neighborhood of the ethnic Tibetan people. Apart from the renowned trekking, you can experience natural habitat and actual ruler Nepal during this trek. This trip can be combined with the Manasalu Circuit Trekking for further exploration. Furthermore, the visiting of monuments of the Gurkha Soldier as it is around the region of Gurkha origin which can add more gem in the trek. This trek starts and ends at Arughat bazar in Gorkha District.
Tsum Valley Trekking was opened by the Government of Nepal only after 2008, therefore this region is still an isolated trekking destination in Nepal.

Nar Phu Valley Trek

Nar Phu valley trek is considered as one of the isolated trekking region in the Annapurna Region. This is a trek to two remote villages Nar and Phu. It is believed that these villages were settled down by the refugees of the Tibetan in the 1960’s. Geographically Nar Phu Valley in the northeast valley from Chame which is the headquarters of Manang District.
Nar Phu Valley was opened to tourists only after 2003, by the government of Nepal.With the major highlights of the view of mountain ranges like the Annapurna Range and the Dhaulagiri Range. This trek can be combined with different treks in Annapurna Region or even the Manaslu Region. The Tilicho trek can be done before or after visiting the Nar Phu Valley. Nar Phu Valley trek is basically done within 20 days with full exploration of both the Nar and Phu Village. We also explore high alpine valley above Phu, Himlung Base Camp and the Ngwal village and joining back to the Annapurna Circuit.
The extended part of the trekking leads us through the dry, desert area in the Tibetan Plateau which is reached after passing the Thorong-La pass to the beautiful Mustang Valley and Jomsom trials. Mustang is one of the most holy and sacred places for pilgrimages from Nepal and India. Basically, Hindu pilgrimages come to this region for worshipping the holy and famous temple called the Muktinath Temple.

Unusual Ganesh Himal Ruby Valley Trek

Unusual Ganesh Himal Ruby valley trek is one of the isolated trekking in Nepal. This trek is considered as the most tremendous trekking trial determined by the TAAN(Trekking Agencies Association Of Nepal). The main accommodation made during this trekking is the Tea House region and cabins.
The major highlight of this trek is the view of Mt. Ganesh(7422m). This region trekking is filled with trekking around the Rhododendron forest area along way. The spot is generally the gem of the locality on the account of the way of life of people there. This trek is done around the Rasuwa, Gorkha, and Dhading districts of Nepal.
This trek starts from Syaprubeshi and leads trekkers to Tatopani which is a natural;y heated water pool. It is believed many diseases are cured if you take a dip into the pool. The most extreme height that we take is 4100meters during this trek. It is also regarded as the most isolated and virgin trekking trails in Nepal yet this trekking trail is a gem for Trekkers.

Though these treks are isolated and not visited by most trekkers, they are not the lessor has fewer surprises to offer to the trekkers. For further Information about the trekkings about other different isolated trekking regions, feel free to write us. We are always there for your queries.

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