Sacred Mountain Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Package

Mount Kailash (6714m) serves as an object of worship for four religions, it is also known as Scared Mountain Kailash Mansarovar:
For Hindus, it personifies the abode of the god Shiva, the Destroyer and the Restorer.
In Buddhist Cosmology (according to the Abhidharma scripture), Mount Sumeru (Meru, Kailash) is the center of the universe, the abode of 1000 Buddhas and the kingdom of Chakravartin – the king of the universe with Great Wisdom.
Jainas teach that it was on Kailash that the first of their saints achieved liberation.
And finally, for the ancient religion of Tibet Bon-Po, Kailash is the nine-tier Swastika Mountain, to the top of which the founder of this religion Sherab descended from heaven.
And this is no accident since it is from the slopes of Kailash that the four great rivers of the Indian subcontinent originate. The Karnali (one of the main tributaries of the Ganges) begins on the southern slope. The origins of the Indus begin on the northern slope, the Sutlej on the western, the Brahmaputra (Yarlung Tsangpo) on the eastern.
The four edges of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra almost exactly correspond to the main parts of the world, and the cracks on its southern side resemble a swastika, a Buddhist symbol of spiritual power. In Tibetan language, Kailash is known as Kang Rinpoche, i.e., “Snow Gem”. Many believe that it was here that the capital of the mysterious and mythical Shambhala, the kingdom of enlightened and wise people, was located.
Berg Spalding (“The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East”) and Alexander David-Nil (“The Mystics and Magicians of Tibet”) claim that this territory once housed the Great Uygur Empire. Whose age is in the hundreds of thousands of years. From its flowering cities after the flood, there were only ruins left, and even those were buried under a pile of sand and stone.
The ritual detour of Mount Kailash – Kora – takes almost 3 days (53km), crossing the Drolma La pass (altitude 5630m). It is believed that after passing one full circle, you can be cleansed from all the sins of a life lived. By circling Kailash 108 times, you can achieve “liberation” – Nirvana. The action of the Cortex is magnified several hundred times if it is performed in the full moon.
The sacred lake Manasarovar at an altitude of 4600m at the foot of Kailash is also a place of worship. Having bathed in its waters, after death it will fall into the paradise of Brahma. And whoever drinks of holy water will be cleansed from the sins of a hundred previous incarnations. Next to Manasarovar is Rakshas – the demonic lake. After the Bark has been performed, washing first in it, and then in Manasarovar, gives purification from all sins and a person is born again.
Thread route:
Kathmandu – Nepalgunj – Simikot (3300m) – Darapuri (2800m) -Yalbang – Tumkot – Tharo Dungga – Hilsa – Taklakot (3600m) – Thugu Gomba – Darchen – Kora around Mount Kailash – Saga (4500m) – Zangmo – Kodary (Nepal) – Kathmandu
Note: Kora (tib.khorlo) – bypassing the shrine (stupa, monastery, sacred mountain Meru (Kailash) clockwise
This route is specially designed for those who do not have high mountain experience.
Kailash Mansarovar Yatra  Start the expedition from Kathmandu (Nepal), where you can buy cheap equipment for the track. In order to carry out soft acclimatization and reduce the risk of ill health in the high-mountainous journey, the route starts from a small height and gradually goes up correctly.
Trekking takes place in the picturesque places of Nepal and Tibet, with a visit to the oldest, filled with the strongest energy, monastic complexes. And, finally, having completed the Inner Bark in full moon around the city of Kailash, we complete the journey with ablution in the sacred waters of two lakes – Raksas and Manasarovar.
If desired, the tour can continue to visit Lhasa – the capital of Tibet. It will take +7 days. You can drive in jeeps through the entire Tibetan plateau and see the kingdom of Guge lost in the river canyon, the cave cities of Dungar and Puyang, as well as the mystery of Tibet – Kunlung – the capital of the ancient Bonn Kingdom of Shamn-Shung. A trip to the Kingdom of Guge takes another +3 days, of which 2 days – transfer by jeep, 1-day sightseeing of the Gouda Palace.
The spectacle is impressive!


Seminars for those who wish to: Himalayan yoga, yoga massage, tantra, Vedic lifestyle, rejuvenation and new types of food: fire, air, light, in the mornings and evenings.

Special Notes: 

The feature of the route – the highlands!
Our journey to Tibet takes about 3 weeks. Basically, during the journey, we will be at an altitude of 4500-4700 m. It is necessary that the body successfully acclimatized to oxygen deficiency, and we made a pilgrimage in normal physical condition. The program is designed optimally for gradual adjustment to height, which is well combined with visits to all key attractions of the region.

Participants must be fully aware that they may feel uncomfortable at the beginning of acclimatization and even by the middle of the tour to Tibet. The process of habituation to the conditions of high mountains and state of health at this time is individual for each person and depends on his health, physical endurance and many other indicators (for example, high or low pressure).

Special conditions of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 

 Track conditions do not require special training, but it is recommended to get approval from your attending physician confirming the absence of heart or other diseases that may disturb you during your trip.

 During the trek in Nepal, we are accompanied by sherping porters and yaks who carry our belongings, the Nepalese “bio-toilet”, tables, chairs and tents for overnight. We are accompanied by a group of guides, a cook (Nepali). During the transitions, everyone carries with them only a small backpack 30-40l, for photo/video equipment, drinking water, and personal important trifles.

 No special vaccinations are needed for a trip to Nepal and Tibet.
 Pay special attention to personal hygiene, drink only bottled water, etc.
 Inform the instructor about changes in health status in a timely manner.
 The honey first-aid kit of general use is at the instructor.

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Sacred Mountain Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Package