Why you should hire a trekking agency in Nepal?

Reasons to hire a trekking agency in Nepal.

Are you planning for traveling to Nepal and wondering how can you do it?

This article lets you to help you to decide how can you plan for traveling in Nepal. This blog helps you to decide and stop wondering how to travel and trek in Nepal.

Is it important to travel in Nepal hiring a Trekking agency?

This blog gives you 6 reasons for why you should hire a trekking agency in Nepal since everything has a dark side, therefore, this blog can give you 5 reasons why not to hire a trekking agency in Nepal. It helps you to decide what to do since you can have both pros and cons about hiring a trekking agency in Nepal. 

Hiring trekking agencies makes your travel more accurate and planned which might not happen if you go on your own. 

Here are the reasons why you must hire a trekking agency in Nepal.

For planned and managed trip

Planning and managing a trip is always stressful, planning for trips overseas and to unknown places is difficult. Hiring a trekking agency lets you just plan for your personal stuffs prior to the trip. Traveling with a trekking agency saves your time before and during your travel. You don’t have to take care of stuff like accommodations, lodging, and lunch during the treks. Travel agency helps you with well experienced and licensed guides, porters and travel insurance with you during the trek. 

Tourists planning their trek are more likely exposed to take the wrong routes and extend their treks.

Hassle-free trekking

Trekking with a travel agency is always hassle-free rather than trekking on your own. Once you hire a trekking agency all you have to do is enjoy the trip, rest is taken care of by the agency only.

A reputed trekking agency provides you with a team with good English language(or even your preferred language) with guides and porters. A good and experienced guide is not only your trekking guide but can be your lifesaver and who keeps you safe during the trek. 

These agencies even take care of you to make you reach your home safely. In case if you miss your flights or some worrisome situations. 

Build a bridge between people you meet in the trek and you.

Main problem people face during the trip is language problem, travel agencies makes sure you don’t have to deal with any of those situations. Travel agency makes you sure you don’t have to deal with any of the stuff like dealing with hotel owners, asking for breakfasts etc.

Arranging permits

Getting any permits from any kind of office of Nepal is time-consuming and tedious. If you cannot communicate well with the officers in the process of making your document, this process takes you time and creates frustration. 

In order to get rid of all those permissions and hassles, you can just hire a trekking agency that takes responsibility for all the permits during your trek. 

Valuable insights and proper information

While trekking on your own the information of that place is difficult to gather. The cultural, historical, geographical importance of the place is unknown.

Is it worth it to travel a place which might have so much to offer without even you knowing it? Definitely no, traveling with a trekking agency helps you with proper and a qualified guide who has knowledge of every bit of information throughout the trip. Therefore in order to make your trip memorable and worth it in the value of the place’s importance and cultural value.

Advantages for the first time trekkers

If you are trekking for the first time, you might end up choosing some difficult treks available, trekking agency helps you decide which treks to choose based on your age, health status, and prior trekking experience. You feel secured hiring a trekking agency and traveling cause they take care of you and your belongings throughout the trek. 

If you are traveling to Nepal for the first time, you will not have idea how the trekking routes would be like, since most of the famous trekking routes are at; heights where human civilization is very low. Tourists often face problems of acclimatization due to low pressure of oxygen. Since your body is not used to less density of oxygen, acclimatization can be a problem if you travel on your own. 

Why not to hire a trek in Nepal?

Everything has a dark side, some of them have more darker side while some don’t. Digging into the topic, I can help you with reasons that deals with why not to travel without a trekking agency in Nepal. Reasons, why not to choose trekking agency in Nepal, are listed below. 

You are familiar to Nepal

Are you the one who has been visiting Nepal for a long time and is familiar with Nepali culture and Language?

If it is so you can travel on your own, instead of hiring a trekking agency you can travel on your own. While traveling on your own the benefit you get is that you can stay as long as you want in the same place. You don’t have to plan for the entire trip, you can just go with the flow.

Trekking on a famous trial.

Usually famous trekking trails like the Everest region and the Annapurna Region you find your companions along the way during trekking from whom you might get help. Also on famous trekking trails, you can find almost all the information on the internet or through pamphlets and boards available in the area. These trekking trails don’t make you confused at all cause the information needed are all available.

You want to save money

While trekking on your won you don’t have to pay for the travel agency. You can choose your own budget hotels and choose your meals which will cost you less. 

During preparing for your trek, you spend in cities in Nepal. In the meantime, you can find some well-experienced trekkers in the city. Also, you can find your trekking companion on the internet. 

You have experienced trekking partners

You have experienced trekking partner who has already been to the trial you are trekking before. He/She can lead you throughout the trek. During the trek, your friend can have experience about the geography and difficulties of your trek. 

Final verdict

It is up to you whether you want to choose a trekking agency or travel on your own, you must first know the requirement of your trip. I hope this blog helps you decide.

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